January 28th, 2006


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I just had the craziest day of my life.

- English Final was insanely hard.
+/- Hung out with Peter, was good time at first, then turned so so ugly, as I had to tell him about my being with Andy.
- Almost got stranded at Robert's Field.
- Only ate an apple for lunch.
+ Had a random discussion of beer pong with my old soccer teammates.
+/- Had a medium track practice that I let out all my energy on.
+ Talked to a lot of friends on the phone and felt cared for.
+ Listened to Limor's mix she made me, a lot.
+ Ate chinese food.
+/- Did make-up for the Children's Play, and avoided awkwardness with P for the most part.
+ Hung out with Ally and other friends and watched the play.
+ My friends were amazing in it.
+ We went to Friendly's and we laughed a ton.
+ We went to Limor's and watched South Park and laughed more.
+ Came home and I feel very good.

Even if things aren't good in all aspects, things are out in the open. I don't like having to hide things. I also don't like making people hurt, but things happen. And it will be okay in the end.

Tomorrow I get to see Andy. Yeah, I'm done hiding how excited I am about this.
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