February 28th, 2006


tomorrow is march.

I really like this dress:

Too bad it's it's miles away (Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom) and not in my size. I'm seriously never going to find a prom dress I like, as this is the first one I've liked that's somewhat in my price range. Ugh. I'm so picky.

I'm in a good mood right now. Today was good. Because I made it good, and talked to my friends a lot and people who weren't my friends. I didn't care about anything and floated all around and whatnot. And just felt good in general. (Yeah, overuse of the word "good", deal with it. I use 'fabulous' and 'swell' etc enough to make up for this). And I did my homework at lunch, and enjoyed it? I got compliments (hey, it sounds silly, but they make everyone feel good). And I cooked with my mom tonight. I got random funny phone calls from my friends. I don't know, but I like days like today.

Also, I donated a bunch of my stickers (that were too childish to find uses for now) to a daycare nearby. That made me feel sososo good. I love donating. And recycling (and reducing and reusing!). Seriously, it makes me feel amazing because I'm helping someone/the environment. I've been getting back into crafting too, which always makes me feel good. And cleaning out all the millions of stuff I've saved my entire life. Seriously, since I was little, I always saved random things (pretty paper, magazine cut-outs, bookmarks, little objects, etc.). So now I'm either donating things or saving them for crafting/making crafts.

Hey, who remembers Libby Metz? She moved to Australia when we were 8 or so. She lived near Hart Pond, and was really blond. Anyhow, she's coming back this spring? I find that so intriquing.

Mr. Tufts Alumni Interview Man has not returned my calls. I'll take action tomorrow about that.
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