March 19th, 2006


Heyyy I never update.

Stuff is good, basically.

I have yet to find a prom dress. But I bought an amazing skirt. So, erm, that...doesn't help.

My friends are amazing. We were crazy on Friday at Erin's, and it was so good again. Overall, things are feeling more in place.
Andy is splendid. He had knee surgery, so he's a bit immobile, but I saw him a good deal on his Spring Break, so all is well.

I'm very tired of school, but what can ya do about that.
Except love the weekends. (And sleep, a lot)

Track starts tomorrow. UGH. I hate my hips for being all "Hey, we still have tendonitis, so it hurts when you run!" Yay for physical therapy, I suppose.

My computer broke, and is now fixed. (for the most part) Except iTunes still doesn't work. I need to fix that.

Yeah! I'm in a great mood right now, and I have no idea why. It'd be pretty cool if it wasn't 10 on a Sunday. Cause I'm going to have a terrible time waking up tomorrow.

I'm already looking foward to next weekend, is that bad?
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