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Press yourself against whatever you find to be beautiful and trembling with life.

I've been so lazy these past days. It's been excellent, but at the same time, I feel kind of gross. Today I was kind of sickly, so I don't know. I can't believe I actually have to go back to school. One semester left of my high school life.

My mini-vacation was good though. It was well spent I'd say. Now I'll look foward to next week's half-day, and then February Vacation.

Saturday night, Andy came over. That was a lovely time.
Last night I went to Kathy&Erin's CYBL game with some friends. That was good, minus the fact that Kathy re-dislocated her shoulder & had to leave in an ambulance. She's okay though, I saw her today & gave her a fabulous card I made her. We all went back to Erin's after the game, and watched Family Guy and played "Catch Phrase". It was quite the good time.

I thouroughly enjoy my friends.

New semester tomorrow should be interesting:
A- Artists Eye
My last Fine Arts credit, & I don't know anyone in my class. Yay, BS class.
B- AP English
Same ol', same ol', as this semester. We get our finals and papers back tomorrow. Shit.
C- Career Ex. with Mr. Comninos
Hello, delivering papers and doing secretary work. Yess.
D- Journalism
That's with McSweeney & Peter, I think. I will suck at it, while they excel. We'll see how that goes.
E - Psych II
I love Mrs. Doak, and I have Pete, McSweeney, and maybe Julie in that class. That'll be fun.
Lunch 3
I know Jay's in it, and I don't know about anyone else.
F/G - French 6A
I couldn't take Honors because that's A/B block, so it's my first time without Danielle as my french partner, since 7th grade. It'll be weird, but will boost my G.P.A. probably. *nerd* Except that I don't remember any French.

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