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Vacation Overview. (clickable photos)

It's Sunday, which means it's the last day of vacation, which is very depressing. But my vacation was pretty good for the most part.

SATURDAY- States for Track; 4x200 team. Messiest hand-offs in the history of forever, but it made for a good laugh and a somewhat good time.
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by itskellyagain

I think I went to Andy's that night.

SUNDAY- I can't recall. I think I went to Ally's house. And probably cleaned.

MONDAY- I went to Providence, RI with my mom & family friends. We went shopping, ate the best pizza ever from Antonio's, and visited PC.
Later, I went to Laser Quest with my friends. Yes, you heard me, we did Laser Tag. And it was the most fun I'd had in a long time. And also, awkwardness was banished with Peter. I like it when all my friends can get together and just act like little kids.

TUESDAY- I got my hair cut, short. My mom/aunt/cousins planned to spend a night at Mohegan Sun in CT, which included me, so I brought along Ally, and we had a good time. It was a love/hate feeling being there, haha.
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by itskellyagain
Our window view.

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by itskellyagain
Me & Ally failed miserably at taking a picture of ourselves.

(more pictures here:

WEDNESDAY- After arriving back at home, I went and visited Kathy (and gave her a toy rabbit named "The Wisdom Rabbit", haha) because she got her wisdom teeth out.
Later that night, me & Kev had a combined birthday party (!) which was a pretty sweell time. Even though he had class the next day, Andy came down, which was wonderful.
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by itskellyagain
Mmm, cake.

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by itskellyagain
Birthday buddies; Kev & I.

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by itskellyagain\
And for good measure, Me & Andy.

THURSDAY- This was not a good day, but that's all fixed now...I love communication? I like to pretend this day didn't happen, but I think I cleaned a lot, then went over Chris' with Erin, then kidnapped Kathy from her house.

FRIDAY- Things still weren't perfect, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my plans. A bunch of us (Erin, Chris, Ally, Kev, Dro, & me) went up to Jay's family's house in Kennebunk, Maine. It was quite the fun time; sing-a-longs in Jay's car to anything from rap to country, his crazy-in-a-good-way relatives, Chris' massive burger (& our slightly massive dessert) at Ruby Tuesday's, Portland Pirate's hockey game, eating too much food overall, playing lots of "Asshole", & having possibly the best waffles ever. All with some pretty amazing kids.

SATURDAY- My birthday! Arrived at home right before the snow started. I freaked out a lot because I thought I wouldn't get to see Andy, but that wasn't necessary. I had Bertucci's as my birthday take-out. He came over & everything was good again. Amazing, actually.

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