it's not 9 yet.

" haven't updated your livejournal in a while"
- what Hannah says to me when she visits the running side of Track.

Yeah, it has been a while. What's happened? Nothing too exciting. Yesterday should have been a snow day, but it wasn't. So I slept in, my mom drove me in for english & calc, then picked me up, and I hung out at home all day. I cleaned, a lot. And recycled a ton of paper. It made me feel very clean and refreshed; it was great. We're supposed to get more snow tonight? Hmmm, snow day, anyone?

Today wasn't such a great day, but what can you do.

Tomorrow is going to be a nothing day, because finals start on Thursday. But I only have to take one final: AP English (of course) on Friday @ 9. Thursday will be spent studying, though. Then Friday, I don't know. The Children's Play is this week, so I'll do make-up/watch my friends in it at least on Friday. I don't know about the other days yet.

My mom made me make a birthday list, so I did. Even though it's, only a month? An iTrip FM transmiter for my iPod is the only real thing that I want, and that's like $50. So that's all. I'd like to order the bombs print from A Softer World (, but I don't know if I actually will. I want to get the "Wild Like Children" CD by Tilly & the Wall. I've been listening to them a lot lately. I still have gift certificates to Sephora & Micheal's, which is nice. I don't know.

Track meet tomorrow against Andover. That will, for lack of a better word. I'd like my hips to get better. Now. Then I have practice Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Monday - my days (mostly) off from school. So they mess up plans for those days. I'll figure it out though.

I should probably study some tonight and be a good student. I also don't have much to do, so I think I will. Or clean. I love cleaning, even though Kathy thinks it's weird, haha.

I wish everything could just stay simple and good. I'd like that a lot. And if I focus only on myself, things are simple and good. I won't let them not be, because it's not worth it.
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I had a wonderful day. For no real reason.

School was fine, and we watched The Goonies F/G block and it was amazing. Then it was a beautiful day out, and track was easy. I was giggling all day. I had a great salad for lunch and great pizza for dinner. I had a great hair day. I went over Erin's house and spent time with my lovely friends. It was crazy. The boys fought for M&Ms, we looked at prom dresses, and were just basically all over the place. Nothing boy-related was going to ruin my day. Or colleges not getting some of my stuff.

Now I have to sleep because State Relays are tomorrow morning. Then hopefully a good night :]
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hey. I'm happy. and that's all there is to it.

this weekend was pretty damn good.
good times with good people.
if you can't tell, I'm too lazy to elaborate.
and I clearly don't want to go back to school. or track practice.
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long weekend!

I just found a ton of pictures on my camera from Kathy's birthday party, so I uploaded them. Me and Peter were together then, and it was a bit odd to see pictures of us. Eh.

Track = ughhhh. I have a meet on Monday on my day off, which makes things worse.

Otherwise, things are going quite nicely.

Annddd I'm hanging out with my friends tonight, for the first time in what seems like years. I'm looking foward to it.

I do have an essay to write for english, but I'll do that tomorrow or Monday. And I have to finish Crime & Punishment, but I have 3 days to read 70 pages, so that's nothing.

Today, I may go shopping/thrifting. Who knows.

I'll know my purpose, this war was worth it, I won't let you down

I missed listening to my music. The obsession has dwindled, I suppose, as I'm changing. I still enjoy all of it, but differently. It's odd.
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another sporadic entry.

ugh. i have tendonitis in my hips. what fun.
i can still run, as much as "i feel is fit". hm.

i also have an english paper to write this weekend. sweet.

but tomorrow is a half day. and today i only went to about an hour of school. yes.
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this past week or so had been a fucked up mixture of confusion, anger, lots of tears, & sickness with random moments of greatness.

if this all could be over soon, and cleanly, that would be great.
but that won't be happening anytime soon.
note to self: prepare for some rocky months ahead.
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(no subject)

it's a snow day.
i feel sick.
physically and emotionally.
let me tell you, it's great.

I've been listening to the same songs over and over.

1) Fred Jones Pt. 2; Ben Folds
2) Carrying Cathy; Ben Folds
3) Oh, You Are the Roots That Sleep Beneath my Feet; Bright Eyes
4) Messenger Bird's Song; Bright Eyes
5) Innocent Viligant Ordinary; The Appleseed Cast
6) One Day I Slowly Floated Away; Eisley
7) Hold Me Down; Motion City Soundtrack
8) Asleep; The Smiths
9) It Never Gets Easier; Straylight Run
10) Konstantine; Something Corporate
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this song.

everything is everywhere.

and how we drank the sun
and killed the night
and fought the sleep and won
and how we left it all unmade

p.s. being home on the last friday of vacation is pretty much as sweet as you could imagine.
Just kidding. Friendly's with Kathy & Erin was a lovely spontaneous time.
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"I Believe" by Stevie Wonder is going to be played at my wedding.

Vacation has been pretty lovely so far.

Monday was Erin's birthday party, which was pretty amazing. Like her. Then I slept over with the girls, and, oh gosh, I'd missed hanging out with them so much. In general, I'd missed my friends a lot, so it was nice to finally see them.

Tuesday Peter came over and came to the dentist with me. haha. Then we ate christmas leftovers, read comic books, and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & the rest of the episodes of The Coupling. mmm. :]

Last night I met some of Peter's family, and had dinner over there. We played cards with his siblings and cousins, then went out with McSweeney & Julie. Chinese food & watching (the original) The Producers at Julie's. It was a nice night.

I still have about 50 CDs to upload to my iPod. That's sad but awesome.
Later I'm going to see the remake of The Producers with some friends, and it will be nice.

Saturday = New Year's Eve. yesssss.
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